Is it possible to take out a loan to build a house?

Not everyone has their own money to buy real estate. A loan for building a house is available today. Financial institutions often provide such loans for the security of a property or other property. You have to minimize the credit risk.


What is the lender paying attention to?

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Banks place a number of requirements on the properties acquired, namely: a property under construction and a plot of land. Here you are:

  • Real estate must be registered with BTI and must be recorded in the registration service as an unfinished construction. At the same time, it is desirable that the house has already been half built. The communicated communications that are necessary for a high-quality residence will allot more to the creditor. The land on which real estate is being built should not be rented out. While the construction is not completed, all necessary steps by the state commission will not be passed, the customer will have to pay high interest.
  • Another creditor’s request for registration A loan for the construction of a house is presented on a property. It should be privately owned, it is important to provide it with the necessary communications that are brought directly to it. Banks often make decisions about where the country is.


A few banks grant a loan for the construction of a house

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However, this segment has been in increasing demand in recent years. The suburban real estate market is very popular with buyers. And the demand in turn contributions to the creation of the offer. Before we can avail ourselves of such a loan, we have to weigh every step. The amount of the first payment is usually higher than in a traditional mortgage; it is at least 30%. It is important to learn about commissions immediately. A loan for building a house can be given for different periods (3 to 30 years). The interest rate depends on this as well as on the amount of the loan.


What is necessary?

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List of documents needed to take out a loan to build a house:

  • Indications of the borrower’s income confirm his solvency.
  • Papers on the property.
  • Approval for the construction of the plant.
  • The project of the house.
  • Other securities that are required by a particular financial and credit organization to issue a loan.


Different banks offer their loans Fine Bank, for example, is known for an interesting program in which it lends to people to buy a house. He regards the rented or living space as security. There are two possibilities:

  1. The borrower makes a loan for the construction of a private house, which is pledged in this transaction.
  2. The customer takes funds against the security of other properties that were previously built and are in his possession. The purpose of this loan is to build a house (housing).

The program of Fine Bank under the title “Construction of an apartment building” differs from the program “Housing under construction” with greater interest. The program offers a loan to build a permanent residence. In order to determine whether or not a loan will be given to the bank, the bank will require to produce documents for the premises that have been pledged. He will also ask for paper for the purchased case. The interest depends on the loan term, the amount of the first payment, the credit currency. A big plus if the customer gets a salary at the WiseHold Finance.

Try to choose the right bank, pay attention to every point of the loan agreement to take full responsibility for the mortgage on building the house.